Our team of creative architects, designers and craftsmen are ready to exceed your expectations and help you make wise decisions about your home and your budget.

Our Process:

Step One: Initial Client Consultation

Mark and Denise meet with you to determine the project scope and overall style of your project. At this meeting, we will discuss your needs, desires and goals. Mostly we listen. Shortly afterwards, we will generate a summary of those goals and provide an assessment as to how we will best meet them.

  • Summary:
  • 1. Assess project scope and style
  • 2. “Green” considerations
  • 3. Listen, listen, listen
  • 4. Determine design requisites: Property Survey, Existing house plans
  • 5. Execute Agreement
  • 6. Summarize goals
  • 7. Assemble team

Step Two: Plan Development

Next, Mark and Denise meet with the architect and begin the transformation of our vision into a design. Because of our involvement and control of the project at this level, this unique step is extremely effective in crafting designs that are creative, meet your project goals and budget considerations. In a short period of time, we are able to generate concept sketches at a smaller scale (about 1/9’) that are fun to view and easy to revise. After reviewing these concepts with you, we begin to develop project specifications and preliminary budgets. Next we make any needed adjustments and generate final construction drawings and specifications.

  • Summary:
  • 1. Design Concept meeting with architect
  • 2. Review the concept with client – begin specifications
  • 3. Listen to feedback
  • 4. Incorporate feedback/revise plans if needed
  • 5. Involve Interior Design Associate
  • 6. Remodel projects – meet a hours with primary subcontractors to asses potential challengers and establish preliminary budget.
  • 7. Review preliminary budget with client and make adjustments
  • 8. Develop construction drawings and specifications, refine selection design schedule

Step Three: Budget Setting

We pride ourselves on establishing a realistic budget based on your requirements and maintain an “Open Book” budget report with you. We strive to maintain the budget through on-going project reviews.

  • Summary:
  • 1. Begin with preliminary budgets during Concept Plan Stage
  • 2. Assess cost-effective alternatives in methodology and specification
  • 3. Open Book Budgets. We have been doing this since before there was a name for it.
  • 4. Review budget and specifications for construction
  • 5. Ongoing budget review through the construction cycle.

Step Four: Construction & Completion

Once agreement is established on budget and design, our team starts construction and completes the project, with Mark and Denise working closely with you throughout the project.

  • Summary:
  • 1. Complete construction on-time and within budget
  • 2. Final walk through and review.


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